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2000- to 2016 Independent Architect/ Urban designer, London, UK

Various design and design development consultancies for UK and International clients.


  • Refurbisment of a private basement flat, Frognal, NW3 London UK 2014- 16

  • Refurbisment of a private 2nd floor flat, prince Arthur Road, NW3 London UK 2009

  • Refurbisment of a private house, Warwick Road, W9 London UK 2008- 09

  • Refurbisment of a private ground floor flat, floor Tatchbrook Street, SW1 London UK 2005

  • Refurbisment of a private 1st floor flat, Ballards Lane, N3 London UK 2005

  • Refurbisment of a private a two storey flat, Patshull Road NW5 London UK 2005

  • Refurbisment of a private  top floor, St. George’s Drive, SW1 London UK 2004

  • Refurbisment of a private ground floor flat, Bassett Road, NW10 London UK 2004

  • Refurbisment of a private flat, tip floor Willesden Lane, NW6 London UK 2003

  • Refurbisment of a private ground floor flat, South Hill Park, NW3 London UK 2002

  • Design input for an International Competition for Aukett International Ltd. London, UK 2001

  • Design Development for a private Residence in Cyprus for SAGB, LOndon. UK 2000


1997- 2000 Consultant Architect/ Urban Designer, EMR Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong

Consultant for the mandatory environmental visual and landscape impact assessment studies for the approval of projects by Environmental Protection Department and Planning Department of Hong Kong. Responsibilities included development of design guidelines and recommendation of mitigation measures. Also team member for the first ecological wetland habitat schemes in Hong Kong working with interested parties including World Wildlife Fund.

  • Wear Rail Habitat Creation and Management Programme. 1999

    Client: The Kowloon- Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)

  • Mei Foo International Link, Hong Kong. 1999

    Client: The Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC)

  • Lantau Airport Railway, Phase 2-4 Tracking. Hong Kong 1999

    Client: The Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC)

  • Power Station at Lamma Island Extension, Hong Kong. 1998

    Client: The Hong Kong Electric Co. Ltd.

  • Improvement to Kam Tin Road. Hong Kong. 1998

    Client: The Hong Kong Government Highway DEpartment

  • Area 56 Housing, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. 1997- 98 

    Client: Planning Department, Hong Kong Government. 1997

  • Government Offices at Lai King, Hong Kong. 1997

    Client: Architectural Services Department, Hong Kong Government


1997- 2000 Consultant Architect/ Urban Designer, Inarc Design Asia Group, Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong

Architectural design proposals for two separate multi storey commercial office developments in  Philippines, both of which led to the award of architectural and interior services commission.  The master plan, urban design and architectural schemes for two waterfront developments in China and Myanmar.

  • River side Place, Master Plan, Yangon, Myanmar. 1997. Total land 2.000.000m2.

    Client: SPA (Myanmar) Ltd.

  • The Sand River Golf Club Housing Shenzhen, China. 1997

    Client: Sand River Golf Club

  • UCPB Commercial Centre, Davao City, Philippines, 1996. Construction area 5.000m2

    Client: UCPB Properties Inc.

  • UCPB Office, Quezon City, Philippines, 1996. Construction area 6.000m2

    Client: UCPB Properties Inc.


1995- 1996 Principal Architect and Urban Designer, Urbis Limited, Hong Kong.

Developed urban design schemes for both new and existing residential, commercial, public sites including areas adjoining onto five new Mass Transit Railway (MTR) stations in Hong Kong. Carried out environmental assessment of land-use and property development options with regard to visual and physical impact, marine restrictions, and resumption and economic impact.

  • Study of West Coast Road Alignment Options at Yau Tong. 1996

    Client: The Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC)

  • Redevelopment of Master Plans for Military Sites in the New Territories, 1995- 96

    Client: Planning Department, Hong Kong Government

  • West Kowloon Reclamation, 1995

    Client: Territorial Development Department, Hong Kong Government    


1994- 1995 Principal Architect/ Urban Designer. ASMI Associates, Brunei, Borneo

Project architect from sketch design to site supervision of a complex of four buildings to house 360 collector’s cars with sophisticated climatic control. Master plan, architectural designs and tender packages for two village developments for 1000 staff. Concept design for a new Town.

  • Automobile. Brunei, Borneo. 1994- 95. Construction area 9.000m2.

    Client: The Royal Family of Brunei

  • Jalan Telepok Staff Housing. Brunei, Borneo,. 1994- 95

    Client: The Royal Family of Brunei

  • Jerudong Park Hotel Staff Village. Brunei, Borneo. 1995

    Client: The Royal Family of Brunei

  • Jerudong Park New Town, Brunei, Borneo. 1995

    Client: The Royal Family of Brunei


1986- 1994 Independant Consultancies, London, UK

Design Concept to the exceptions of buildings for private Residences, Health Care, Commercial Office, Business Centre. Advisory role for a High Commission. Monthly site visits to Saudi Arabia for an 18 months period for the interiors site supervision of the Red Sea Residence. Design  concepts for a three International Competitions. Master planning for siz sites to accommodate 1800 units and architectural design of 11 types of apartment buildings for Anatepe New Town. Preliminary Urban Design Manuel Study for the New Housing Developments. Master Planning, urban design and architectural concept design for a Holiday Village with 500 villas.

  • Private Residence, Eschweiler, Germany. 1992- 94. Construction area 335m2.

    Client: Me. And Mrs. Ozdemir

  • Advisor to the High Commission on the refurbishment of properties, London. UK 1988- 94

     Client: high Commissioner of Guyana. London, UK

  • Almaty Business Centre refurbishment, Alma- Ata Karzkhstan, 1993. Construction area 5,500m2.

    Client: Unitrade Ltd. UK

  • Prototype Design for Respite Care Centre Hotel, London, UK. 1992. Construction area 2,000m2.

    Client: North East Regional Health Authority, UK

  • Urban Design Manual Study for New Housing development, Ankara, Turkey. 1992.

    Client: Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration, Ankara, Turkey. 1992.

  • Erimex Offices, Eschweiler, Germany 1993. Construction area 750m2.

  • Semarkant revitalisation Competition, Uzbekistan, USSA. 1991.

    Client: Executive Committee of the People’s Deputies of Samarkand, USSR, 1991.

  • Interior Design proposal for Chinese and Japanese Restaurant, London, UK. 1990.

    Client: QED, London, UK

  • A private Residence, Lefkosa, Cyprus, 1989. Construction area 400m2.

    Client: Semiler Senior, Lefkosa, Cyprus.

  • Interiors of two private residences, Istanbul, Turkey and Cyprus. 1989.

    Client Semiler Family.

  • Anatepe New Town development, 1989.

    Client: Turkiye Emlak Bankasi T.A.S., Istanbul, Turkey

  • Private Residence and Offices Complex Proposal, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1988. Construction area 5,000m2

    Client: The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

  • A Holiday Village proposal, Bodrum, Turkey. Construction area 214.000m2    

    Client: Feltcharm, London UK

  • Red Sea Residence interiors supervision, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 1986- 88. Construction area 5,200m2.

    Client: The Royal Family Of Saudi Arabia.

  • Award Winning UMM Al Kura Islamic University Competition. Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 1988.

    Client: Ministry of Pilgrimages, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


1981- 1986 Principal Architect and Urban Designer . IDEA Int. Ltd. London, UK.

Project architect from sketch design ton execution of this unique earth sheltered residence with an organic layout, incorporating two organic shaped fabric structures for partial roofing. It was the first application of fabric roof for a residence. As the designer for the Equine Centre Competition also used extensive fabric structures for shading (approx. 500,000m2 of floor area) re-interpreting the traditional Bedouin Tents. Established urban design scale of development principles for the Town Centres of 21 New Towns to accommodate 70,000 families. Designer for four architectural competitions, two of which were awarded with contracts.

  • Red Sea Residence, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1982- 86. Construction area 5,200m2.

    Client: The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. Construction cost US$11 million.

  • Al Badr Residence,Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Construction area 2,800m2.

    Client: The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. Construction cost US$6 million.

  • Equine Centre Competition, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 675 Hectare, 20,000m2.

    Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Saudi Arabia. Estimated contraction cost US$115 million.

  • Urban Design Institute Competition, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Construction area 900m2.

    Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Quarter.

  • New Town Master Planning/ Urban Design for Internal Security Forces Housing. 22 new Towns.

    Client Ministry of Interior. Saudi Arabia.

  • Award winning Diplomatic Institute Housing Competition, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Construction are 20,000m2.

    Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Award winning Asir Government Competition, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    Client: Asir Provence Government, Saudi Arabia.


1979- 1981 Architect and Urban Designer with Renton Howard Wood Levin Partnership, London, UK.

Urban designer for two competitions awarded with contracts: an inner city site re-generation scheme and a new housing development.

  • Award winning St. Albans City Centre Competition. 

    Client: St. Albans City Council, UK.

  • Award winning Leatherhead Housing Master Planning Competitions. UK.

    Client: Mole Valley District Council, UK.

  • Feasibility studies for redeveloping Barracks sites at Catterick and Euston, UK.

    Client: The Property Services Agency. H.M. Government ‘War Department’, UK.

  • Design proposal for the regeneration of an inner city centre site and a railway station as part of a cross-town motorway and railway project.

    Client: H.M. Government Property Services Agency, Northern Ireland, UK.


Tel: 0044 (0)20 7624 4624

Mobile: 0044 (0)7808 162 461




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